Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Erowid Experience Vaults: Heaven and Hell, a tale of a JWH 18 Overdose.


Be careful with the crunk, folks, or this could happen to you.

An excerpt:

(11:15): JWH-018 vaped off of aluminum foil. The taste is bearable, but only just. It tastes very similar to smoking plastic.

(11:16): The effects are felt almost immediately. I first noticed a slight visual change that grew slowly until it was very pronounced. Everything seemed close up and the room oscillated back and forth. It felt almost like being on a boat.

(11:18): I burst out into uncontrollable laughter while my friend prepares his dose. This lasted for about 45 minutes (this isn't an exaggeration!) My throat was bone dry afterward, and it continued to hurt the next day.

(~12:00): Waves of fiery euphoria sweep over my body. It starts as a burning sensation in the back of my head and travels to my chest and lingers down my spine. Making a sharp pulse towards my feet, it comes back home to rest on the upper parts of my back. This continues for several minutes, with brief bursts of laughter and headache.

(12:45): I now begin to think I am losing my mind. I grab several bottles of water and begin to chug, trying to wash the substance out of my system. I spend about thirty minutes on the toilet trying to go to the bathroom. Eventually I get nauseous and proceed to projectile vomit into the floor...

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