Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Neurosoup: List of Synthetic Cannabinoids

List of Synthetic Cannabinoids from Neurosoup

Neurosoup gives us a list of Synthetic Cannabinoids (which is by no means a complete listing of what's out there), and a partial list of products containing said cannabinoids.

An excerpt:


Products that Contain (or Have Contained at One Time) Synthetic Cannabinoids:

(It should be noted that the speed of innovation in this area means that any list of products is likely to become quickly outdated.)
To read the rest, follow the link.


  1. Legalize it, I say!
    Seriously the ultra-conservative agenda to take all the fun out of life is annoying.
    I bet if they could figure out how to make orgasms illegal, they would.
    Daily support ~_^

  2. Nice article dude, sharing some daily love here :)

  3. just another grab away from humanity

  4. sooner or later, it will be legalizes <3

  5. hmm very interesting, id rather get high frm a jay

  6. Nomnomnom, I need to try some spice sometime ;p

    and lol ethnic =P

  7. Marinol is used to treat patients in taiwan.. its pretty popular. Synthetics are usually not as good as the real thing though

  8. I have to take random piss tests, so i can't have pot in my system, and when you haven't had pot, you really can't tell the difference... as soon as you smoke a joint tho, you know instantly you've been missing something...