Friday, September 24, 2010

The Moar You Know, Vol 3

Because the moar you know the derp you erp...

Wood River bans synthetic cannabinoids
WOOD RIVER - City officials approved an ordinance Tuesday night to ban herbs that mimic cannabis, and they also updated various laws concerning morality and alcohol.
Dominion Diagnostics (Dominion) has recently developed and validated one of the first clinical urine drug monitoring assays to detect the metabolites of JWH-018 and JWH-073, two compounds typically found in synthetic cannabinoids, also referred to as "herbal incense" products. Users looking for a "legal high" have reportedly turned to these products as an alternative to marijuana.
The owner of Crazy Earl's was arrested Tuesday afternoon, accused of selling synthetic marijuana at his store.
A bill to outlaw synthetic marijuana in Pennsylvania is creating a buzz in Harrisburg. A motion to ban what's commonly sold as "herbal incense" passed its first hurdle today when the state Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to send Bill 176 to the House.
A ‘‘Marine Corps Times” headline, published Sept. 6, stated that a new line of drug concoctions, like Spice or K2, are ‘‘legal” and should Marines choose to use them ‘‘the brass can’t stop it.”
Semper Fi, and happy crunking...


  1. i cant believe they actually banned it

  2. Damnet.. They banned spice? I haven't even gotten to try it yet :/

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  4. the more they try to ban something, the more kids are gunna wanna use\see\try it

  5. I been smoking this shit. It hurts my lungs!

  6. Interesting post, you good some cool stuff!