Monday, September 20, 2010

JWH bans: The State of the Crunk

Here's a list of current bans, along with links to the legislation, courtesy of, whic is, by the way, an excellent resource for all things crunk.

Alabama HB697

Arkansas – ( State Health Board ) Mod Edit: Temporary 120 day ban passed july 2,2010. Will be legal in most of the state after that until legislature passes permanent law- though it is banned in certain cities.

Florida ( re: Fl Sen. Stephen Wise ) MOD Edit: links to news story of ban proposal. Not currently illegal.

Georgia - HB 1309

Illinois ( HB 6459 ) Mod edit: Legislation passed- goes into effect January 1st, 2011

Iowa ( State Pharmacy Board ) Mod Edit Temporary Ban- more info needed on expiration and current legislation pending- if any.

Kansas HB 2411 (mod edit: link leads to search page- enter HB 2411)

Kentucky HB 265

Louisiana ( HB 173 ) Mod Edit: also: HB 121 and SB 37

Michigan ( HB 6038 ) In process- not yet law

Missouri HB 1472 Law goes into Effect August 28, 2010

New York (SB 7081 ) Mod Edit: as far as I can tell this is proposed but has not been passed and no vote is currently scheduled

North Dakota ( Board of Pharmacy )

Tennessee HB 2968

Texas: No Bans at the state level. illegal or restricted in several cities:
News story re: Cleburne, Watauga, Frisco and Plano
News Story re: Duncanville
Dallas News Story
Longview News Story

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